recommended movies

  • Occupation 101: Voices of the Silenced Majority.  One of the best comprehensive resources for understanding the occupation.  The film details life under military rule, the role of the United States, and the obstacles in the way of a lasting and viable peace.

  • 5 Broken Cameras (Shows life under occupation, especially peaceful protesting of the West Bank wall)
  • The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the US.  85 min. 2016

  • Gaza Fights for Freedom (About life in Gaza and the Great March of Return)
  • How Are the Children? (United Church of Christ curriculum re: Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Detention).
  • The Wanted 18 (A movie showing the absurdity of the occupation.  Also a good movie for kids)
  • The Law in these Parts (a powerful documentary about Israel’s approach to “legal” repression)
  • Til Kingdom Come (about Evangelicals’ quest for Christ’s return by funding more Israeli settlers)
  • Mayor (a documentary showing what a Christian mayor of Ramallah’s life is like trying to run a city under occupation)
  • The Present (a 20 minute movie about life under occupation in the West Bank).
  • Obaida (7-minute film: A Palestinian teenager’s experience of unlawful military imprisonment).
  • The Present
  • Detaining Dreams (20 minute film: Four Palestinian children’s illegal prosecutions)
  • Stolen Dreams
  • 1913: Seeds of Conflict:   (Examines a critical yet overlooked moment of transformation in Palestine, before the Balfour Declaration).  1 hour, 2015
  • Jewish Voice for Peace Film Library: 70+ films on Palestine/Israel you can watch for free.

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