The Time to Act for Peace Is Now

Dedicated to human Rights

Who We Are

QPIN provides support to Quakers in fulfilling our testimonies to bring integrity, equality, community, and peace to the people of Palestine-Israel.

Who We Are

QPIN consists of members and attenders of Quaker meetings throughout the US and across the world, who share best practices and resources, learn from each other, and build solidarity for human rights, equality and freedom in Israel-Palestine.  We stand for bringing integrity to the conversation about Israel-Palestine, especially regarding human rights violations.

What We Do

QPIN members:

  • Coordinate and share actions in online meetings
  • Educate and engage our meetings on Israel-Palestine
  • Support each other
  • Work together to develop campaigns
  • Share resources on our web site and through social media

Why We Do It

Friends join with QPIN because:

  • Americans are responsible for the suffering and human rights violations because of our government’s:
    • financial support of the occupation and blockade,
    • political support through not holding the State of Israel accountable for its human rights violations in the UN and Washington, and
    • funding and supplying of American weapons and equipment used to bomb and kill civilians and destroy their homes.
  • Changing US public opinion is required to ultimately change the situation on the ground.
  • Quakers have been working for peace, freedom, human rights, and justice in Israel-Palestine since before Israel was created.
  • By working together we can be more effective.

QPIN History

Over many years, Quakers have worked to support the development of lasting peace with justice in Israel-Palestine. In the past few years several monthly and yearly meetings have issued minutes supporting legislation to assure that US funds do not enable Israeli policies routinely harming Palestinian children and also minutes of support for boycott and divestment.

We seek a nonviolent approach to advocate for change.

Ann Arbor Meeting, Swannanoa Valley Meeting; Illinois, South Central and Intermountain Yearly Meetings, to name just a few, have expressed concern and actively advocated for peace.

And there is a growing energy and movement emerging among Friends.  QPIN (The Quaker Palestine Israel Network) was founded in the fall of 2013 to support the growth of this movement of Friends, to educate about boycott, divestment, and sanctions as a nonviolent approach, and to work together across Quaker meetings and churches and with the interfaith movement for greater impact.