QPIN is about ACTION!

Not to act is to act. Not to speak is to speak.

What We Do: actions Friends Can Take

On One's Own

  • Learn
    Write to newspapers and media
  • Talk about Israel/Palestine with friends and Friends.
  • Join your meeting’s Peace and Social Justice/Concerns Committee to work for justice in Israel/Palestine.
  • Link with another pro-human rights Friend for joint projects.
  • Reach out to Friends in your Yearly Meeting to spread the word or do a presentation.
  • Contact your legislators to end financial, military, and political support for Israeli repression.
  • Add an intersectional signature line to your emails (i.e. “Palestinians, like Navajo, Cherokees  and others, have been displaced by settler colonialism.”)

With Friends in Your Meeting

  • Education:
    • Organize an informational session before or after meeting for worship or during the week.
    • Host movie nights
  • Take a stand:
    • Create minutes and work for their adoption.
    • Create or go to protests
    • Work with other groups

Across the Country or World

For additional possible actions see Mazin Qumsiyeh’s list of 70 ways to act for peace with justice.


What We Do: actions Friends Can Take